William Temple House Thrift Store

We gladly donated our services to help spruce up the storefront at the William Temple House Thrift Store. Steam cleaning their sidewalks, brick, and awning made the place look like new!

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Rough Rider Redux

Pacific Pressure Washing happily donated services to clean Teddy Roosevelt.

Alexander Phimister Proctor’s 20’ tall sculpture Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider received some serious spiffing-up on the South Park blocks in early June.

Scott Posey of Pacific Pressure Washing, who often collaborates with the RACC public art maintenance team, is shown here applying 180 degree water at high pressure to clean monument’s solid granite pedestal. Once the base was done, RACC technicians William Rihel and Tim Stigliano took over and meticulously washed, waxed and buffed “Teddy” from hat to hoof. Besides giving the 91 year old monument new luster, the wax coating plays a critical role in protecting the bronze patina from the elements.


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Caring for historic monuments requires a team approach

Regional Arts and Culture Council’s public art maintenance team is adept at removing graffiti from outdoor sculpture, but sometimes we need to enlist additional help. Scott Posey from Pacific Pressure Washing (who very generously donated his services) is shown at right assisting with the removal of some stubborn crayon graffiti on the Shemanski Fountain located in Portland’s South Park Blocks.

Those responsible for this graffiti may not have intended permanent damage, but the fountain’s delicate surface holds onto the waxy pigment tenaciously. Under the careful eye of Art Conservator Marie Laibinis-Craft, Scott’s skillful application of mildly pressurized hot water did the trick.


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Lincoln High School

We are pleased to donate our services to Lincoln High School. A little pressure washing makes a big difference just in time for the new school year.


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Skyline School

Skyline School held their annual end of summer cleanup over the weekend. Pacific Pressure Washing chipped in with a donation of pressure washing services, polishing up the sidewalks and entryways to give it that extra shine! Thanks to Skyline School for letting us help.


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Thanks to Sunset Porsche Audi!

Thanks to Sunset Porsche Audi for trusting Pacific Pressure Washing to clean their sidewalks and curb lines. Another happy customer!


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Pacific Pressure Washing gives back…

Pacific Pressure Washing donated pressure washing services last weekend to the Portland Children’s Museum, making it sparkle and shine just in time for the opening of the Museum’s new Zany Maze (for more info, click here). The Museum has been a constant source of joy, exploration and learning for our three children for so many years, we couldn’t wait to give something back to this amazing place!

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Pacific Pressure Washing In Action

We’ve also created a YouTube Channel, check it out.

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Pacific Pressure Washing Removes Graffiti on the Springwater Trail

We just got a nice mention in “Art Notes,” which is a publication by the Regional Arts & Culture Council for the Portland Metropolitan area.

“The RACC Public Art maintenance team is responsible for removing graffiti on all the public art works we oversee for the City of Portland and Multnomah County—typically responding to incidents in the downtown core within 24 hours. Sometimes, however, the nature of the job requires a dedicated professional. Such was recently the case for a work by Linda Wysong on Portland’s Springwater Trail. Faced with stubborn tags and a lack of water or power at the site, we called on Scott Posey of Pacific Pressure Washing (PPW) who arrived at the location with a self-contained hot pressure washing rig. RACC has worked with PPW on difficult graffiti before and Scott often volunteers his services in the name of Public Art. Thanks Scott!”


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Pacific Pressure Washing on Facebook

We have created a new page on Facebook! Like our page to get regular updates on what’s happening.

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