“I have engaged Pacific Pressure Washing on commercial projects ranging from suburban office building campuses, to urban office building settings, to industrial flex parks.  I have found Scott Posey and his team to be experienced and able to deliver high quality service to meet our expectations.  Scott understands the challenges of completing projects in our commercial settings, and is always flexible in his approach to these situations.

Based on my experiences with Pacific Pressure Washing.  I would highly reccomend their services.”

Kim G, Property Manager

“Scott and his crew from Pacific Pressure Washing were responsive, professional and the quality of their services were excellent.  I highly recommend this company.”

Linda W, SW Military Rd.

“I am remiss in not writing sooner to say a very large Thank You for the excellent job you performed on the brickwork which surrounds my home in Lake Oswego. As you know, some of the brickwork dates back 50 years and then the newer driveway and second courtyard are thirteen years old. However, you were able to bring both vintage and new brick to a very clean appearance. We’ve had the brick cleaned every year but when you power washed the brick with the heated water process, the brick has never looked better or cleaner since the day it was installed. Thank you for your professional work; I do appreciate it and you.”

Judy K, Lake Oswego